The Experience

Watch this iconic video and youwill have an idea of what you can expect during our7 day group retreats. Thanks to Nick & Erin for this beautiful footage.

We offer affordable 7 day ayahuasca retreatsin themiddle of the Amazon rainforest near the famouscity of Iquitos, Peru.

Welcome to Kapitari, a beautiful ayahuasca healing center in the Amazon rainforest close to Iquitos, Peru. Kapitari is one of the oldest shamanic centers in Peru and has been welcoming guestsfromall over theworld forwell over25 years.

You’re invited to attend our traditional Ayahuasca retreat for a profound week of healing and transformation. This retreat is a great introduction for people who are new to working with the sacred Ayahuascamedicine.

It’s for anyone who wishes to experience the profound benefits of working with Ayahuasca without it costing the earth. More than that, it also benefits the Earth; all retreat income goes to Kapitari, an organisation founded by the shaman Don Lucho, that is helping to protect the incredible biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest.

Over the week you’ll take part in 3 Ayahausca ceremonies led by Don Lucho, a brilliant Amazonian shamanwith over 40 years experience ofworkingwith themedicine.
As well as taking part in the Ayahuasca ceremonies you’ll be fully cleansed during the week from a combination of plant medicines, mud baths, fruit baths, while also eating a traditional Ayahuasca food diet.